Thursday, February 22, 2018

Unique Article Wizard Review

Unique Article Wizard Review

Unique Article Wizard Review

Unique Article Wizard Review

I decided to start using and testing Unique Article Wizard (UAW) after the article submission service I had been using for a couple years, Article Marketer, ceased to exist. Article Marketer actually split into Distribute Your Articles and Content Crooner, so I figured this was a good opportunity to test out Unique Article Wizard since I had been hearing many good things about it.

After testing Unique Article Wizard for a while now, my only question is why wasn’t I using this service earlier? I’ve found it to be much more effective than Article Marketer or any other article submission service I’ve tried. So yes, I give Unique Article Wizard my highest recommendation.

I mainly use article marketing to get back links to my websites which in turn boosts their search engine rankings. Of course you can also get direct traffic from the articles themselves, but I use it mainly for the SEO benefits.

What I Like About Unique Article Wizard

- As the name implies, Unique Article Wizard creates an almost unlimited number of unique versions of your original article. This is important for indexing in Google and it seems to give the back links in your articles and resource boxes more oomph. You can also create as many resource boxes as you want for each article thereby allowing you to create back links to different sites or different pages within one site instead of all your links pointing to the same page with the exact same anchor text. Variety is key!

- The ability to time your submissions. In other words, your article won’t be blasted out to thousands of directories and blogs at the same time, you can set it to only send out 20 or 30 a day for example. I highly recommend limiting the number of submissions per day by the way as I’ve seen some over optimizing penalties by Google recently…especially for new sites. Slow and steady looks more natural to Google as far as building back links goes. For new sites, I typically limit my submissions to 15-20 per day.

- UAW not only submits to article directories but also to blogs and websites. Again, variety is important here. You don’t want all of your sites back links to be just from article directories, or just from blogs. Having back links from a variety of sources is more natural looking to the search engines.

- Article writing service integrated into the UAW system. If you’re like me and you hate writing articles, UAW now has an article writing service integrated into the system. You can have a writer write your articles for you in UAW format and then upload it straight to your UAW account with one click of the mouse. From there you just enter your keywords and categories etc. and you’re done. There are tutorials all along the way showing you exactly what to do.

- UAW allows unlimited pen names. Why is this important? Well, for some people it may not be but if you are submitting articles on a variety of different topics in different niches, it would look strange for the same author to be an expert in all those different niches. Also, If you write and submit articles for clients, you’ll want to be able to use a variety of different author names for your various clients. I’ve used other article submission services that either don’t allow multiple pen names or charge extra for it. With UAW you get unlimited pen names at no extra charge.

What I Don’t Like About Unique Article Wizard

- Well, there’s really not much to say here. Some people complain that the interface is a bit cumbersome. I guess I’ve been using it too long to even notice anymore. It does take a few submissions to get used to the whole process but they have video tutorials to guide you through step by step.

Unique Article Wizard Bonus

As a bonus for signing up for Unique Article Wizard through one of the links on this page, you will receive software that will save you a ton of time in researching and writing your articles.  Simply sign up here then send me an email with the date you signed up and your username, and I will send you the software.  Email me at admin [at] articlesubmissionreviews [dot] com .

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