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Linkvana Review

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linkvana reviewLinkvana Review

See the newly added update at the bottom of this post if you’re searching for a Linkvana alternative.

Linkvana is a little different than a typical article submission service. I think of it more as a back linking service. With Linkvana, instead of full length articles, you are submitting unique snippets of content of 100 words which are then automatically propagated across their hundreds of high page rank blogs.

This is the description they give of their service: Linkvana will improve your SEO through a Next Generation linking service that lets you create virtually unlimited 1-Way contextual back links on high quality PR2 – PR5 blogs that are relevant to your sites topics and automatically propagates your posts across our hundreds of blogs.

Does It Work?

In a word, yes. It works very well and is considered one of the better back linking service by top marketers. It’s the secret weapon many experienced marketers have been using for a couple years now to syndicate their content and push their websites to the top of the search engines.

There is no spinning of your content with Linkvana as each post you make has to be completely unique content so there is a little extra work involved. However, with Linkvana, the back links you receive are very powerful and therefore you often don’t need a lot of them to rank well for long tail keywords. As always, the key is to find those “golden nugget” keywords that get a lot of searches but don’t have a lot of competition.

They also allow you to purchase posts for $2 per post from an outsourcer if you don’t want to write them yourself.

What I Don’t Like About Linkvana

The price is a bit steep at $147 per month but that is probably a good thing because if your competition isn’t willing to pay for this service, you’re going to have an advantage over them in the search engine rankings.

Also, as mentioned before, it does require a bit of extra effort creating unique content. Unique content has become very important though recently with the latest change in the Google algorithm, so Linkvana has become even more effective than ever because of this.  You can outsource the content creation as well but then you’re adding to the cost.


Linkvana is definitely a recommended service.  As always, don’t expect results overnight though. SEO and article marketing are long term strategies and it takes consistency to see results but the rewards can be great.

If you purchase through the links on this page, for a limited time you’ll get 50 free credits which equals 25 free links.  Just click on the “View Website” image below to get started.

UPDATE: I’ve recently been testing a Linkvana alternative and have been getting outstanding results. It also requires a LOT less work than Linkvana. In fact, it really requires no extra work at all…no writing content or articles, no spinning articles, no paying for someone else to write and spin your content. Linkvana is a great service but at this point I feel that this new Linkvana alternative is even better. Click here to see my review of this Linkvana alternative.

…or click the image below to visit the Linkvana site


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2 Responses to “Linkvana Review”
  1. Mike T says:
    Overall Rating 55555
    Ease Of Use 33333
    Effectiveness 55555
    Value 44444

    Linkvana is great if you can afford it. The links are powerful and will definitely improve your search engine rankings.

  2. S Smith says:
    Overall Rating 55555
    Ease Of Use 44444
    Effectiveness 55555
    Value 55555

    Great support services, Expensive a bit but hey it’s an edge that not every one can use it. Real results show at 2-3 months and that’s what Google calls natural…. right?? Summing it up…. It works great for us for almost a year…

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