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Free Traffic System Review

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Free Traffic System ReviewFree Traffic System Review


The Free Traffic System (FTS) is a blog network to which you can submit your articles for the purpose of building back links to your website or blog and hopefully boost your search engine rankings. This is basically the same idea as My Article Network (which is the same network as Article Marketing Automation). With FTS there is a free membership option and a Pro membership option which is $47/month.

With the free membership, you can submit each article to 30 blogs in the network with two back links per article. You can select which blogs you want your article submitted to so that you can make sure they are relevant to your niche. The Pro membership allows you to submit to 40 blogs per article with up to three back links in each article. There are more benefits offered with the Pro membership as well such as access to private SEO tips and tutorials and discounts on their other paid services. The owners do appear to be quite knowledgeable about SEO so you may find the Pro membership to be well worth it.

Your articles aren’t blasted to all 30 or 40 blogs at once which is a good thing as this looks more natural in the eyes of the search engines, especially if you’re building links to a brand new site. Your article will be submitted to about 3-4 blogs per day on average.

There is also the option of adding a blog of your own to their system to receive free content.

Referral System

You can get additional back links by referring others to FTS. For every third article your referrals submit, you get a free back link to whatever sites you specify using whatever anchor text you specify in your members area. So you can actually get a ton of back links just by referring others without even submitting any content of your own. However, I would still highly recommend submitting articles and just consider any back links you get from your referral’s actions a bonus. By the way, it is a two tier referral system which means you can get back links from the actions of your referral’s referrals as well!


I have definitely been seeing some results using the Free Traffic System. I tested it on a couple different new sites and have gotten to page 1 of Google for some of my keywords. The key is to choose the proper keywords that get a good amount of searches but that don’t have too much SEO competition.  Additionally, you need to submit articles regularly and consistently to see results. If you think you are going to get results by submitting one or two articles, you will be disappointed.

You’ll also want to spin your articles to make them as unique as possible in order to get more of them indexed and get more juice from each back link. The more spinning the better. One more tip is to make sure you also link back to inner pages of your site or blog and not just the home page and of course vary your anchor text.

FTS wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice as an article submission service or back link builder (UAW is still my favorite), but it’s a solid weapon to add to your article marketing arsenal and you can remain a free member as long as you want so it doesn’t have to cost you anything. When you start seeing results then you can ramp up your efforts by upgrading to Pro.


Free Traffic System Review

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6 Responses to “Free Traffic System Review”
  1. John says:
    Overall Rating 44444
    Ease Of Use 55555
    Effectiveness 44444
    Value 55555

    I’ve been using Free Traffic System for a few months now and I’m finding my results to be every bit as good as My Article Network. Even though My Article Network boasts 10,000 sites or whatever it is now, typically one article will get distributed to maybe 30-40 sites, or basically the same amount as Free Traffic System.

  2. Buy Traffic says:

    Nice Information! Thank you for taking the time to explain everything in such a descriptive and specific manner. This will be of guidance and support in my promotional approaches.

  3. Robert says:
    Overall Rating 33333
    Ease Of Use 33333
    Effectiveness 33333
    Value 55555

    I’ve had mixed results with FTS. Doesn’t seem any better or any worse than some of the other blog networks like MAN and SEO Linkvine etc. There are better options in my opinion.

  4. Lana says:

    I am new at this and have been submitting articles on my own. I have been looking for service that will do the submittal for me and I came across your reviews and I think I am going to give this one a try. Thanks for your review!

  5. alvi says:
    Overall Rating 44444
    Ease Of Use 44444
    Effectiveness 44444
    Value 55555

    i have been using fts for 10 month now as a pro member at first it was difficult but then it was very easy. just to mention you have to spin it so i am using “thebestspinner” which is absolutely fantastic but takes up to an hour lol, it not only lets you spin in this format “{|}” but also with this too [spin] [/spin] (there is an arrow at the top right to choose the format “thebestspinner“) which you must use in free traffic system.

    still i need to find something else very similar to fts, let us know if there are anything out there.

  6. Overall Rating 55555
    Ease Of Use 44444
    Effectiveness 44444
    Value 55555

    I have been learning article marketing and seo for the past 30 days and so far I have found that using Free Traffic System as a tool to get backlinks to your site or blog is a great strategy. A combination of AMR, UAW and FTS with the addition of social networking and social bookmarking is a surefire way of getting more backlinks thus ranking your site on the first page of Google. Once again, awesome review.

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