Friday, November 24, 2017

My Article Network Review – 4 Critical Steps For Success

My article network is a revolutionary back link building and site content creation system. It certainly makes some bold claims that I wanted to investigate before investing too much of my time into it. I was burnt by a similar mass article distribution system 6 months ago – and the sites I used have still not recovered from the Google slap. In my experiments I discovered how to get the best results and this is what I am going to reveal to you in this article.

What Is My Article Network?

My article network is an automated article distribution system built on a massive network of over 10,000 quality blogs. I guess you could call it article 2.0 submission. You create an article, which you enter into the system and is then automatically distributed in a Google Friendly fashion to related blogs. The end result is your site receives a controlled amount of backlinks from relevant sites over time which increases its rank in the search engines. The flip side of this is that you can also submit your site to receive these articles – this is also a great idea but not the outstanding feature for me.

Critical Step 1 – Relevant Category

From my tests choosing a relevant specific category is crucial. It’s no surprise that Google will give more weight to a backlink from a relevant site – so it makes sense to choose the most specific category available. Don’t worry my article network as a massive list of almost 100 different categories to choose from.

Critical Step 2 – Spin Your Articles

The most impressive feature of my article network is the ability to spin or re-write your articles. This is absolutely crucial to get maximum effect from article distribution. If Google sees the article as been unique (even slightly) it will give more weight to the backlink. There is a manual and automatic rewrite feature which is really powerful. From my tests I recommend rewriting the article 1000% – this means giving 10 alternate titles. Further to this I strongly advise you rewrite the body 200% – this equates to 2 alternate sentences for every sentence. This will take approximately 20 minutes for a 500 word article. Trust me when I tell you its the best 20 minutes you can invest in your article. At the end of the day the more re-writing you do on your article the better

Critical Step 3 – Limit Your Distribution Level

Another strong¬† feature of my article network is the ability to limit the distribution level of your article. You can actually set a maximum limit on the number of times your articles will be distributed. From my test and experience you don’t want to distribute more than 30 – 40 copies of the 1 article if you follow the above tip concerning spinning your article. Further to this you can gradually increase your distribution level over time so you can continually drip feed your articles and guarantee they stay as Google Friendly as possible.

Critical Step 4 – Don’t Include More Than 2 Backlinks

Now the creators of my article network say that you can include up to 3 backlinks in the 1 article. I disagree with this again from experience. The whole purpose of the article is to have anchor text links back to your site done through relevant keywords. It has been shown Google will rarely give weight to any more than 1¬† – sometimes 2 links from the 1 article. Any more than this can sometimes be read as spam, and you don’t end up getting the power from the backlink as you normally would. Further to this I advise that you choose to include 2 anchor text links, make sure they are via different keyword phrases – even if its just a plural version – make sure they are different.

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