Friday, November 24, 2017

Linked In With The Linkvana Website

The processes that Internet marketing involves can seem not possible at times to get right and the stakes are high for failed attempts at search engine optimisation. With the prospect of being barred or sanctioned, the tight guidelines that are outlined by search engines for page ranks can mean marketers have to move carefully in order that traffic to a website is not compromised.

This article is going to focus on telling you more about a service which is called Linkvana. Linkvana is a relatively new website that allows Internet marketers to save a lot of money by doing most of their Internet marketing requirements in one place. Due to the nature of what the service offers, the monthly fee could appear expensive at just shy of two hundred dollars a month. However, with the savings on offer, it is a fee that some businesspeople appear to be willing to take.

The website has established a network of personal websites known as blogs since 2002 which act as a springboard for directing readers of their popular websites to your website. Using excerpts of the content which you have had created for your website at some page, the service automatically and carefully links your content as related content for further reading on a variety of blogs. These related content links, which connect the user to your website, prove to be a great way of increasing traffic.

The name of this process, link building, needs to be done carefully because of the protocols that have been set in place by the companies that own search engines. The point of this service is to ensure that a high profile is created for the website without the credibility of it being compromised.

If the credibility of a website is compromised, the first sign of a ban or a penalty is the amount of hits decreasing significantly. A lack of a presence in search engines or a decreased ranking can mean that a website’s presence is not detected by users, regardless of how good it is. Linkvana ensures that links are built carefully and under the radar of Google so as to make sure that all of the rules are complied with.

Usually, Google and Yahoo! algorithms are preferential to a few good quality links that revert to a website rather than a copious amount of links which most search engines disregard as duplicated content.

The claims that Linkvana make are relatively big. With some websites making attempts at offering similar services and failing or offering inefficient and more expensive services, the decision for Internet marketers can be tough at times as to whether to pay up for a costly by functional service or for a cheaper one that can result in a loss in business.

If you monitor your budget for Internet marketing techniques carefully, you could potentially see whether or not the services that come under Linkvana’s remit are costing you more individually than a monthly subscription there would. Who knows – if Linkvana is the right service for you, the fee could mean savings for your business in these recessionary times around the world.

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