Friday, November 24, 2017

Mass Article Control The Better Review

Mass Article Control Review Earlier this year a new product was introduced named Mass Article Control (MAC). Writing and submitting articles is a powerful way to promote a web site and obtain expert author status and increased page rank. Article submission before Mass Article Control was at best tedious and time consuming.

To publish articles before MAC required manually subscribing to and submitting to each article directory. MAC has made the process of writing and submitting articles much easier, and now anyone can do it.

Article Submission in the past and present: In the past article writing and submission was a tedious process as it demanded that you compose lots of articles and submit your articles, one-at-a-time to every article site on line. Methods have changed and now we can use article submission software like Mass Article Control and other applications to generate Hundreds of unique copy’s of only a single article.

How will Mass Article control benefit me? Did you know most article spin applications produce pure junk. When you have written a single article MAC will generate hundreds of unique different versions of the article. You can then submit them to article and blogging directories automatically. Note: (The Mass Article Submitter only submits to 10 directories at once, 20 if you upgrade). The submitter submits to only the best ranked article directories, thus providing the best benefit for your marketing efforts.

What is Mass Article Control ? Unlike MAC most other machine generated text spinners will produce non-readable content When you buy this software you get two programs; the Mass Article Creator that you can use to create Hundreds of unique copies of every single article you write and also the Mass Article Submitter, a program that will take care of submitting your articles to directories and blog sites. Unlike other programs, Mass Article Creator uses advanced techniques that enable you to generate unique copies of text content that makes sense to a reader.

Will MAC save me time? There is no point in spending hours manually re-writing articles to eliminate duplicate content. With Mass Article Control you can do the job in minutes. Further the quality of the re-done text is excellent. This product delivers results. Only one other product does a better job and that’s Unique Article Wizard, but it’s certainly more expensive at $67 per month.

Mass Article Creator – Info from website * • Create up to 1000 articles from just one main seed article in less than 30 seconds * • Uses 2009 artificial intelligent, push button capability * • Huge built in synonym database for quick insertion and replacement processing * • Create and use specific keywords and save to niche categories for smart mass article creation which gets better with every use * • Unlike generic rubbish article spinners * • Create unique articles * • Get published on hundreds of directories * • Generate thousands of back links * • Dummy Proof – NO experience required! Guidance videos included.

Mass Article Submitter – Info from website * • Automatically submits your article to 10 article directories (20 if you upgrade) * • Submits your article with accuracy – no errors or weird looking formatting * • Simple features make it a no brainer to use * • Simple instruction video on how to use it * • Point and click installation – Start using it in minutes * • Money back guarantee * • Free lifetime updates

How does the Mass Article Control compare to products like Unique Article Wizard? Considering the cost of only $77 and the features the MAC program has, I consider it as one of the best. It’s simple to use and the process of creating unique articles is quite clever. I think that Unique Article Wizard is more automated in its features but you will have to pay a monthly fee of $67. With that in mind, the choice depends on your budget, and your objectives.

My Conclusion | I gave this software 4.0 Stars out of 5.0 You may be asking why only 4.0 stars for such a good product? The truth is that the Unique Article Wizard (another leading article submission program) has more automated features and I gave it 5 stars. It is much more expensive ($67 per month instead of a $77 one time fee for MAC).

The Unique Article Wizard program does article submissions automatically for you. Their submission software is built in to their subscription. However at a subscription of $67 per month, vs. a one time purchase of $77 for the MAC, I find that I can make the MAC do what I need at a fraction of the price.

The MAC product also has a few weak points in it’s submitter. It can only send articles out to 10 directories at once (20 if you purchase the high end version). The present submitter version will not submit article variations, but a future version of the submitter is in the works to do this. Note: all software version upgrades are provided at no increased cost to the user. Still, for $77 you are absolutely getting a great product for your money and I can safely endorse this product.

MAC and the 90K PLR article package: If you decide to purchase Mass Article Control I will include a 90,000 PLR (Private Label Rights) article package bonus to get you started. Use one of the links on this page to visit the MAC website, buy the product, send me the full payment details (receipt) and I will supply the download link for the bonus 90K PLR package.

With this package you will have 90,000 seed articles covering almost every subject imaginable. Just load a PLR seed article into MAC and generate 1000′s of different versions. With MAC and my 90K PLR bonus you’ll be in article marketing heaven. There is no better way to dominate with your article submissions than using this powerful combination. _______________________________________________________________________ MAC Product Reviewed by GB Garagnon If you would like to know more visit the Mass Article Control website at:

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