Friday, November 24, 2017

Free Traffic System Tutorial Video Free Traffic System is free. It’s an excellent alternative to linkVana. They distribute your articles 2-4 daily so that is perfect. I have driven my websites way up the rankings in very little time with only 3 articles so far! I would be grateful if you would rate this video, comment and also please sign up for Free Traffic System using this link

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12 Responses to “Free Traffic System Tutorial Video”
  1. marckolius says:

    I appreciate your efforts. Will test out soon.

  2. hewasnevershe says:

    Pretty nice job on this but I also have question..I’ve had some articles rejected and they never tell me why. I thought you had to use your %LINK% 1 or 2 in the actual title of the article and that it had to be spun..? I wish they would do a better job on their site for these rules. Thanks for putting this together!

  3. fruges12 says:

    @yourinternetbuddies – Hi thanks for commenting. Yeah this works if your tight on money. I pay $145 a month for linkVana now but the free traffic system is a great alternative if you’re tight on cash.

  4. yourinternetbuddies says:

    Nice video… is this system still working for you longterm i.e. after 6+months?

  5. fruges12 says:

    Hi Dan. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my video. The article approval process isn’t strict at all and it takes about 24 hours for an article to be approved.

    I know where you are coming from though as ezinearticles can be very frustrating to get approved on. You wait 7+ days to get a message that your article doesn’t match their criteria, then you resubmit only to wait another 7 days to get approved.

  6. Dan007238 says:

    Nice Video. I was just wondering about the article review process for this site. After you submit an article how long does it generally take to get approved and start getting links? Is the approval process overly strict, or do articles generally make it through?

  7. fruges12 says:

    Hi Jim, Thanks for your comment. I agree that choosing keywords for you anchor texts is essential for building backlinks.

    Keep an eye out for future videos. I might add that in. Thanks again,


  8. JIMOFERIE says:

    Nicely done. FTS doesn’t do as good a job as you have with this video.

    I just started using FTS today. Your video clarified some things but you should emphasize choosing the right keywords before submitting any articles. This is vital for success with any traffic system.


  9. IrishlightandColour says:

    Excellent video. Just what I was looking for and it looks really easy.

  10. fruges12 says:

    Just a little extra note to add to this … I have just tracked down 2 of the blogs where your articles get posted to … The first one was PR 2 and the second one was PR 4 … That’s amazing … BRB submitting articles

  11. fruges12 says:

    No prob. Thanks for commenting.

  12. makemoneyrevolution says:

    Found your post in the forum. This is a no brainer…thanks a lot.

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