Friday, November 24, 2017

How To Make Money From Free Traffic

A lot of people today dont really pay much if any attention at all to free advertising. Most think that it either doesnt work, or that it draws poor to low quality web traffic to your website. Which in fact is incorrect. The way I like to look at it is if your posting an ad about working online or home business and they go to your site they are interested in the business thus making them a targeted hit.

The best way to draw good results from any type of free traffic is to simply post ads daily. Posting ads here and there will get the job done, however that wont be enough if you really want to cash in from free advertising. Youll have to step it up a notch and post multiple ads per day every day to maximize the affect of free traffic.

A question a lot of people ask me is where is the best place to post free ads? Well listen up, because Im going to go over my top 3 places that I love to post free ads at.

1.My first choice for great free traffic is Traffic Swarm. Traffic Swarm is a great place where you can post ads for millions of people to see. All you have to do is surf for credits and your ad will be displayed. Best of all its 100% free to join. Surfing for credits is quick and easy to do.

2.My second place I love to post free ads is USFREEADS. This place is great for posting free ads! The reason I love them so much is because your ads that you post can easily get highly ranked in Google, and have the chance to be seen by millions of people all from Google traffic. You cant beat that with a free ad now can you?

3.Finally my last place I post ads at is craigslist. You might think Im crazy, but it works! Ever day I post a number of different ads on craigslist and I get a great response in return. If you dont want your ad flagged or removed then try not to sell people so much in your ads.

No matter how you look at it free traffic is better then no traffic at all. If youre just starting out and have little or no budget this is a great way to get started. Remember though the key to free traffic is posting a lot of ads daily.

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